Production continuity during Covid-19 emergency: update on new measures

Update on extended emergency measures: the new provisions issued by the Italian government do not impose any restrictions on the Welcare business

Dear all,

After the implementation of additional  restrictions to the production and movements of goods, this is to ensure you that Welcare is with you and working for you.

Let me inform you of a few concrete actions we have implemented in order to honor your orders:

1)    We have organized an emergency task force that focus on minimizing any disruption in production , while helping to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and  customers.  This includes closely monitoring the availability of components and building extra stock to grant reliable supply of medical devices.

2)    We are working in two shifts so to place employees’ safety first as we  work together to  deliver whenever and wherever needed

3)    We advise you in advance of the dates when goods will be ready for pick up so to give you more time to arrange transportation.

4)    We are placing on all the transportation documents as well as on the pallets specific indications not to block the goods in transport since they  are very urgently needed medical products for the treatment of COVID-19 Patients.

Undoubtedly, this is an uncertain time, but it is during this difficult period that Welcare Industries S.p.A. wants to contribute in providing  the essential services to  overcome this global challenge

Be safe, be positive, together we will win the war.

Fulvia Lazzarotto
Welcare Industries Spa

Marco Grespigna
General Manager
Welcare Industries Spa

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