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The skin is the mirror of our emotions and our state of health. It protects our body against external aggressions with a shielding effect, but at the same time it is very delicate and that is why we must take good care of it.

This is how Welcare's co-founder, Fulvia Lazzarotto, describes the mission undertaken by Welcare more than twenty years ago. Alongside her partner, Franco de Bernardini, who led the way for Welcare to meet the specific needs of the skin, with competence and expertise.

“We have always been very attentive to people's needs. This is why from the first days of activity, we have designed Medical Devices that can cleanse and hydrate the skin, in total safety and effectiveness".

“More than twenty years ago, with the increase of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) , we realised that  body hygiene was a crucial issue and that the methods used so far, based on a basin with soap and water, were not suitable to perform a correct skin cleansing. These traditional methods were themselves the vehicle for the transmission of infections from patient to patient, and sometimes to the healthcare professional ".

Thus, the first line for body cleansing was created; it was dermatologically tested and does not require the use of water and soap. They are viscose wipes (or gloves) pre-imbibed with solutions containing natural components of pharmaceutical grade - most of which are produced in-house, such as extra virgin olive oil or aloe barbadensis mill. These ingredients do not contain any allergenic or questionable components.

They remove the dirt without removing the phospholipidic film that protects the skin. This is why they can be used for all ages on any part of the body, including sensitive areas and mucous membranes, such as the eyes and oral cavities.

"At that point all we needed was a name." To find one, Fulvia simply had to look at the pouch of wipes. The name Sinaqua®, in fact, derives from the Latin words "sin aqua", literally "without water". This highlights the unique ability of the product to cleanse the skin without resorting to water or other emollient substances.

From the early 2000s the Welcare product range became increasingly diversified with the core range for body care supplemented by products for  hair hygiene and hydration of the eye.

From hospital to people's homes: today, thousands of people from all over the world, each with their own skin type, rely on Welcare. " That's why our researchers study the peculiar characteristics of our skin and the different needs suggested by the male, female and more delicate pH of children."

As the average life span has grown, a new ageing category of consumers has emerged: a population that is now more self-aware.  Elderly people have the economic resources and high demands on their quality of life. This also has direct consequences for skin care. "Today the 70s are the new 50s", says the entrepreneur.

"Based on this philosophy, over the years we have developed specific products intended for the treatment of irritated or injured skin, up to innovative lines designed for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, such as skin ulcers or bedsores, most common in the elderly ".

Finally, the last step was to address skin lesions in cancer patients: "We have patented a specific molecule capable of penetrating into the deeper skin layer where the inflammation, caused by chemo and radiotherapy cycles, arises. The odourless geleffectively reduces inflammation and associated pain, improving the patient's quality of life ".

Past, present and future: what started in 2000 with the Sinaqua ® line, today is a reliable brand with a wide product portfolio. When it comes to skin care, Welcare always sets new standards, and this is just the beginning: the Welcare Research & Development department is currently working on a new generation of active ingredients and innovative components, so that future customers can continue to choose quality and effective skin products.

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