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"Our customers are the first brand ambassadors: the efforts and the commitment made to make Welcare the dynamic and international reality it is today have been possible thanks to our loyal customers and their enthusiasm".

Thus, the entrepreneur Fulvia Lazzarotto describes and thanks Welcare’s domestic and foreign customers who have acknowledged the made in Orvieto company as a valuable partner for the development of their commercial relationships all over the world.

From the medieval city of Orvieto to the world: Welcare’s Medical Devices now reach over 20 countries, through an exclusive distribution network in continuous expansion.

"From the beginning, we believed that an open door to the world was crucial to the exponential growth of the company."

"For this reason, in 2006 we approached Europe participating at the main trade fairs," says Fulvia Lazzarotto, Welcare’s Managing Director, who continued: "we had the first contacts with Germany and Israel.

The second step was to cross European borders by embracing the Gulf countries, South America and South Africa ". The company's customer portfolio is constantly growing: the latest conquest is Korea, while the procedures for registering products in Russia have already started.

"The bureaucratic process is long and complex; in many cases it takes over two years. The eastern territories are now fertile, they are our next goal: we know that this market requires heavy investments, also in terms of dedicated personnel, but we are ready to set this new challenge ", she explains. Currently foreign market represents 80% of Welcare Industries' turnover.

“We don’t want stop there: the goal is to continue to invest abroad by expanding to new markets but also by developing the current product portfolio, "says the entrepreneur. Then she concludes: “Why are we successful? Our customers have identified Welcare as the typical example of made in Italy entrepreneurship. If I had to describe in a few words the company that I have the honor to lead and the strong and cohesive group of people that work there, I would say: Masterfully Italians ".

The company described by the partners’ words

Andy Holman

Business Development Manager

Medi UK Ltd

Andy Holman

Business Development Manager

Medi UK Ltd

"I first met Franco de Bernardini, the former Welcare’ co-founder, by chance in 2013. We were introduced at a meeting, after which we were asked if we could see a place for UCS in the UK market. A trip to Orvieto followed soon afterwards where the seed was sown for a great project in the UK.

Key to selling UCS in the UK would be clinical approval and listing on the NHS Drug Tariff. For this the original boxes of 30 sachets were too large so we worked closely with Welcare to develop packs of ten that were correctly labelled for our market. With these in hand we applied for DT listing and it was accepted in April 2014. Welcare provided a lot of supporting documentation for the product and the application was unusual in that it was not contested on any technical grounds.

From our first sales in early 2014 there has been a steady increase in volumes sold, currently monthly sales are >5,000 packs per calendar month.

 We have great faith in the whole team at Welcare – we get what we want when we want it. Both the product and all elements of the packaging and logistical support are of the highest standard."




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