Ewma 2017

The European Pharmacopoeia clearly defines pathogenic bacteria that cannot be present in a Medical Device since they can cause infections harmful to humans. However, recently, excessive use of antibiotics, disinfectants and preservatives has exposed patients and caregivers to an increased risk of infections caused by non-pathogenic organisms. These bacteria are called “opportunistic”.

The threat varies depending on the patient’s condition and his predisposition to develop infections after exposure to bacteria of whatever nature they are. The patients mostly at risk are fragile and immunocompromised persons due to the severity of their pathologies, or to the administration of immunosuppressive medicines or surgical treatments.

This highlights the central role of the caregiver who has the responsibility to select the most appropriate Medical Device depending on the severity of the patient’s condition and the assurance of a minimum presence of bacteria in the product.

Infections are a hot topic also in relation to the management of skin lesions. Welcare Industries leverages the opportunity offered by the EWMA Congress to present two different solutions to counteract Support-related Infections.

  • Easy + Derm Skincare™, is a class IIa sterile Medical Device for the daily hygiene of critical patients mostly at risk of hospital infections due to their pathologies and invasive monitoring procedures;
  • Sinaqua™ is Class I Medical Device for total body cleansing, widely used for the daily cleansing of sedentary patients, now thermally disinfected according to ISO 15883: 2014 to ensure a product virtually free of bacteria.


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