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Knowing the Italian entrepreneurial context, the needs of the patients, cultivating productive and sincere relationship with partners from every corner of the world, finding the right solution for each new request: being part of the Welcare team means working in a dynamic environment, with a young and motivated staff, that can rely on a company capable of enhancing attitudes and talents. We believe in the development of corporate know-how, from R&D, quality, regulatory affairs and production, of which we control the entire manufacturing cycle, to commercial and marketing functions, both online and offline.
Our staff is made up of young people, the average age is 30 years. They are pharmacists, biologists, specialised workers, on whom we continue to invest for their training. We are deeply rooted in our territory, the production staff is from Umbria region, but we believe that the most ambitious goals may be reached only with an open door to the world. For this reason, part of our sales and marketing staff has a strong inclination toward professional growth which, in this case, involves travels and stays abroad. We are looking for people capable of picking up new challenges, full of enthusiasm, with a positive attitude and, with the desire to grow professionally.

The company described by the employees’ words

Silvia, Quality Affairs

"A great start to my career"

I started working in Welcare in 2016 after finishing university studies in biology. My adventure began in the production line and after a few months I was promoted for a new role in the quality department. The experience and the know-how that I gained working in the production department, from the Clean Room to the packaging area, helped me considerably in the new position. For the past 3 years I have been heading the Quality Affairs department. Thanks to my work, the company is able to guarantee the end user of our products a production process that complies with strict procedures for environments, machinery and operators and certified according to ISO quality standards. It is a great responsibility task, but this is precisely why it is for me a reason of satisfaction and gratification. The training course promoted by the company has allowed me to become a professional in the Medical Device sector and to get involved every day in new quality challenges!

Michela, Administration & Finance

"Every day is a new opportunity to learn"

After gaining the technical-commercial diploma, I worked for several companies in the administrative-accounting sector, until 2015, the year in which my experience in Welcare started. I was initially hired as administrative employee. In addition to the operative tasks, the growing volumes of turnover took me to carry out numerous accounting and financial activities relating to the companies of the Welcare Industries group. This made my job very varied and it allowed me to grow under a professional perspective. Welcare is a dynamic company that supported me facing new challenges and guiding my career to a turning point. Today I can say that Welcare is a company with great numbers and where numbers also have their soul!

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Welcare is a fast-growing company currently present in Europe, the MENA area and South Africa. Our mission is to take care of people's health, protecting the environment: we are an ISO 14001 certified company. Our success is the result of the founders' entrepreneurship and passion, the experience and commitment of our professionals and operators. The results achieved are revealed in the innovation and quality of our products, which make a difference in the lives of patients.   Begin a career in a company that can improve people's lives, starting with yours first!




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