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2001: When it all started…

Welcare 2001

The entrepreneur Fulvia Lazzarotto, back from a long American experience in the Medical Device field, with the former founding partner Franco de Bernardini, gave life to an innovative and all-Italian-made project: in the heart of Umbria, Welcare Industries S.p.A. was founded.


2002-2004: The revolution in skin care

Welcare 2002-2004

“We have always been very attentive to people's needs. In the early 2000s, we found that hospital acquired infections were on the rise," highlights Welcare’s Managing Director, Fulvia Lazzarotto, who explains: "good hygiene prevents infections – traditional washing with soap and water does not. We had the solution". The first two lines of Medical Devices able to effectively cleanse and moisturize the skin, whether if it is intact or injured, were launched in the European market.


2005: At the forefront of Italian hospitals

Welcare 2005

Helping healthcare professionals in the care of hospitalised patients was our first goal. It is no coincidence that since 2005 our Medical Devices have become reference points in major hospitals and clinics across Italy. At the same time, the range of Welcare products has also expanded, thus covering not only skin care, but also hair hygiene and eye hydration.


2006: Dedicated production environments: the first Clean Room

Welcare 2006

In compliance with the highest quality standards, since 2006, the production of Medical Devices has taken place in the so-called "clean rooms" ISO7 and ISO8, production environments in which the air is from 10,000 up to 50,000 times cleaner than normal air, and where, the respect for health and hygiene rules is fundamental. Furthermore, the machinery used, designed according to the company's guidelines, is completely dedicated to the production of Medical Devices.


2007: From the medieval city of Orvieto to the world.

Welcare 2007

"Our roots are deeply anchored in the Umbria region, but we believe that the most ambitious goals may be reached only with an open door to the world. For this reason, in 2006 we approached Europe participating at the major trade fairs in the sector, "says Fulvia Lazzarotto. “We had the first contacts with Germany and Israel. The second step was to cross European borders by embracing the Gulf countries, South America and South Africa ".


2009: From skin care to the management of the most critical lesions.

Welcare 2009

To respond to even the most specific needs in the treatment of skin diseases, we created the UCS Debridement product line. It is specifically designed for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, such as skin ulcers or bedsores, most frequent in the ageing population. With the innovative line, Welcare contributes to a significant improvement in the quality of life of patients suffering from these pathologies, as well as reducing associated pain.


2011: Always safer Medical Devices: in-house sterilisation

Welcare 2011

The UCS Debridement line achieved immediate and widespread success abroad. A specific wet steam sterilisation process is carried out inside the Welcare plant to ensure the sterility of the Medical Devices produced for the treatment of chronic injuries. The in-house sterilisation allows  strict quality control in respect of the characteristics of the device. It also reduces CO2 emissions.


2012: Our mission: Protecting people, caring for nature

Welcare 2012

The ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems enshrines Welcare’s commitment in the promotion of an eco-sustainable production model based on the principles of safeguarding and enhancing our natural resources, respect for the environment and consumer health. The project was born from the desire to be in the front line of each phase of the production chain, ensuring the highest level of traceability and safety of natural components, often used as active ingredients in the Medical Devices.


2013: Jalosome and the challenge of chemotherapy skin lesions

Welcare 2013

In 2013, Welcare portfolio welcomed the latest innovation aimed at fighting skin lesions in cancer patients: Jalosome Soothing Gel. "We have patented a specific molecule capable of penetrating into the deeper skin layer where the inflammation, caused by chemo and radiotherapy cycles, arises. The odourless gel effectively reduces inlammation and associated pain, improving patient's quality of life".


2015: Production plant development and commercial expansion

Welcare 2015

With the enlargement of the Welcare product range, sales volumes began to grow at an increasing rate in the Gulf countries and especially in Saudi Arabia, where the certification process for Welcare products was completed. New machinery dedicated to the sole production of the UCS Debridement line and a new warehouse of over 300mq were inaugurated during the same year.


2016: The thermal disinfection treatment for ``bacteria free`` Medical Devices

Welcare 2016

With the support of the Public Health and Infectious Diseases department of the La Sapienza University of Rome, Welcare has developed a thermal treatment for the disinfection of non-sterile Medical Devices. The thermal treatment follows the ISO 15883 standard. Today, Welcare is the solecompany able to offer a non-sterile "bacteria-free" Medical Device, a device without bacterial forms in a vegetative state.


2017: The R&D laboratory

Welcare 2017

It was the year of the opening of the Research & Development center at the scientific and technological park in Pula, Sardinia. Our team of biologists and chemists who are based here continue to work tirelessly on a new generation of active ingredients and innovative components, so that customers can continue to choose high-quality and effective products for skincare.


2018: The Aloe barbadendins Mill

Welcare 2018

The need to provide patients with a safe and quality-guaranteed product, combined with an innate love for the land and its vital mechanisms led to the decision to start the cultivation of Aloe barbadensis Mill in the Montecchio area, in the heart of the Colli Orvietani. Thanks to the well-known anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, the Aloe barbadensis Mill is effectively used in the composition of the Nourishing Skin Balm (Sinaqua) where it acts by hydrating fragile or injured skin and forming a protective layer, thus accelerating the natural regenerative processes and healing.


2019: Technological innovation made in Welcare

Welcare 2019

The introduction of custom-made machinery dedicated to the production of sterile Medical Devices designed for the hygiene of critically or chronically ill patients. This new technology allowed the development of a specific sterile field opening, this allows the operator to open the pouch without coming into contact with the product itself. It also allowed the creation of a new four unit packaging, that guarantees total patient hygiene without compromising the product sterility. Also, in the same year, Welcare obtained the authorisation to set up an area dedicated to the production of Medical Surgical Devices, further expanding its range of action.


2020: Marco Grespigna partner and new General Manager at Welcare industries.

Welcare 2018

Marco Grespigna, founder and Managing Director of the holding Think Fwd Group, is the new Shareholder and General Manager of Welcare industries. In the global healthcare market where competitions become increasingly complex and changes are more rapid and impacting, the partnership between the entrepreneur Fulvia Lazzarotto, co-founder and Managing Director of Welcare Industries, and a successful manager with important experiences and results gained until now in the pharmaceutical sector (Sanofi, Teva, Angelini, Zentiva), gives even more sprint to the innovative Umbrian company, exploiting the exceptional assets available.


2021 Welcare becomes part of Labomar Group

Welcare 2019

Welcare is pleased to announce the agreement for the sale of 70% of the Group’s shares to Labomar, a company specialized in the development and production of food supplements, medical devices, food for special medical purposes and cosmetics for third parties. The integration of Welcare Group with Labomar S.p.a. has a very high strategic value, thanks to the strong synergies that can be implemented both in terms of the product portfolio and the expansion of the costumers served and internationalization. Fulvia Lazzarotto will remain in charge of the group as CEO, Walter Bertin, founder and CEO of Labomar will assume the position of President, Marco Grespigna will remain, as shareholder, ad a member of the Board of Directors.

Skin experts today: new challenges ahead!

Welcare 2020

From the hospital reality to people’s homes: today, thousands of people all around the world, each one with their own skin type, rely on Welcare and, from today, on the products of Labomar Group. Labomar is a reliable partner with twenty years of experience that provides its customers with effective, high-quality and avant-garde solutions in the field of supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, food for special medical purpose.

And it's just the beginning ...




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