Welcare proudly announces the signing of the agreement for the transfer of 70% of the Group's shares to Labomar.

Welcare proudly announces the signing of the agreement for the transfer

of 70% of the Group's shares to Labomar.


F. Lazzarotto: "A great opportunity to enhance the Company's qualities and accelerate the solid growth of recent years"


Orvieto (TR), July 14, 2021 – the Welcare Group has closed the deal for the transfer of 70% of the shares of Welcare Industries S.p.a. and Welcare Research S.r.l. to Labomar S.p.a., a Treviso-based company led by W. Bertin.


The total value for the acquisition, of 70% of the share capital of the group, is equal to € 9.5 million and concerns the entire perimeter of the two companies.

The remaining 30% stake of the capital of the Welcare Group will remain in the hands of the two partners Fulvia Lazzarotto, manager of the pharmaceutical industry with very long international experience (in particular in Sherwood Medical, BMS, Johnson & Johnson Medical SpA) and Marco Grespigna, also manager with great experience in the sector (Sanofi, Teva, Angelini, Zentiva).

The integration of the Welcare Group with Labomar S.p.a. has a very high strategic value, thanks to the strong synergies that will be implemented both on the respective product portfolios and on the enlargement of the potential customer base and internationalization.

Fulvia Lazzarotto will remain at the head of the group as CEO, while Walter Bertin, Founder and CEO of Labomar, will assume the position of President; Marco Grespigna will remain also as shareholder and member of the Board of Directors.

The Welcare group achieved approximately 6.7 million euros of consolidated revenues in 2020, approximately 85% of these were generated on international markets, with 2.3 million euros of Consolidated Reported Ebitda and a positive NFP of approximately 3.3 millions.

Founded in 2000 by Fulvia Lazzarotto and Franco De Bernardini, Welcare is a company that develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for the prevention and treatment of infections, and for the management of skin lesions of various etiologies. With headquarter in Orvieto (Terni), Welcare Industries is present in 22 countries around the world, including Europe, the Middle East, South America and Australia. Marco Grespigna, from 2020 is a new shareholder, and Board Director of the Group companies.


Fulvia Lazzarotto, founder and CEO of Welcare Industries said:This operation represents an important turning point in our company path, because it definitively projects us towards a new dimension that will allow us to accelerate growth by benefiting from the important skills and assets available to Labomar.

The agreement will allow us to become one of the main players in the field of wound care and skincare at national and international level. I am very proud of the Welcare team which, in these 20 years of intense work, has allowed the company to create the value that Labomar has recognized in us.

I am sure that the identity of vision and objectives that we have shared, in recent months, with Walter Bertin will be translated into exceptional business results and effective solutions for the needs of our patients.


Walter Bertin, founder and CEO of Labomar said: “I am very satisfied with this operation which I believe has a very strong strategic and industrial value. We were lucky enough to meet an entrepreneur, Fulvia Lazzarotto, a woman of great energy and entrepreneurial skills who, in realizing her dream, built a structure based on the intuitions and the activities she carried out with her husband, being both highly specialized in the field.

At the same time, the presence of a Partner and Manager such as Marco Grespigna helped to ensure the corporate vision and the governance of the development lines. Strengthened by these values it was easy to find common principles, and to share future prospects of great planning and interest. We have therefore decided to create a common path that will lead to results of considerable interest, exploiting the production capacities of the individual companies ".



Marco Grespigna, shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Welcare Industries said: “Bringing together Fulvia Lazzarotto and Walter Bertin, whose entrepreneurial and personal skills I had known for some time, has been, since my entry at the beginning of 2020 as a partner in Welcare, a goal to pursue. I strongly believed that two visionary but concrete entrepreneurs like them could give rise to something exceptional.

Today, I am happy to see how that intuition has become a reality.

I believe that there is a considerable strategic similarity between Labomar and Welcare and that the synergy between the two companies can greatly accelerate the achievement of the common goal to be among the protagonists of their target market with great benefit for patients”.


Welcare Industries profile

Founded by Fulvia Lazzarotto and Franco de Bernardini in 2001 in Orvieto, in the green heart of Umbria region, Welcare Industries is a leading and innovative manufacturing company in the field of Medical Devices for the prevention infections and for the treatment of skin pathologies and chronic wounds. The company’s mission is “to develop safe, effective and innovative solutions for the care of patients’ skin, while promoting an environmentally sustainable production model”.


The company’s headquarter in Orvieto hosts the manufacturing site: a national center of excellence. The huge investments made over the years have granted a high level of technological efficiency together with a high respect for the surrounding environment. Since 2006, the manufacturing processes have taken place in ISO7 cleanrooms under strict hygiene procedures.  The use of innovative customized machines, as well as, the constant investments in personnel’s training and in the R&D internal division, allows Welcare to provide made-to-measure solutions for the care of the patients, both in hospital or home care setting.


Since the early 2000s, the Welcare Industries’ product range has become increasingly diverse: from the skincare of non-self-sufficient patients, to more specialized areas such as oncology and radiotherapy, where the company has developed innovative and patented solutions. For its competence, expertise and production quality, Welcare Industries is the ideal partner for companies at national and international level.


Welcare’s products are now marketed through an exclusive distribution network in more than 20 countries, both in Europe and in other continents, with particular success in Saudi Arabia, UAE and in the other Persian Gulf countries.

From 2020, with the entry of Marco Grespigna as new shareholder and Board Director of the Group, a new important strategic phase opened for the Company, which alongside with the continuous international expansion, is engaged in covering the whole Italian territory with new product portfolios, both in the public and private hospitals and in pharmacies.



Labomar profile

Founded by Walter Bertin in Istrana (province of Treviso) in 1998, Labomar is a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) engaged in the development and production of food supplements, medical devices, foods for special medical purposes and cosmetics for third parties. Its research team creates, develops and manufactures high added-value and innovative content nutraceutical products. Many of the supplements produced by Labomar leverage proprietary technologies which boost the bioavailability of the active ingredients, modulate their gastrointestinal absorption and improve their taste. Over more than 20 years, Labomar has built a business model which sets it apart from its competitors and generates value for all stakeholders, providing a high quality and productivity standard full service. The company boasts a well-structured and cutting-edge research and development department, a commercial team which reacts quickly to market demands and a high level of product differentiation thanks to its proprietary patents and formulas.

Labomar reported in 2020 preliminary consolidated revenues of approx. Euro 61.1 million (at like for-like exchange rates approx. Euro 61.5 million), up 26.3% (27.2% at like-for-like exchange rates) on 2019.





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